The speed camera and the Public Data Corporation

Think of a speed camera.

Think of the proposal for the Public Data Corporation.

One of them has attracted controversy. This seems to be based on instinct or ideology, without much groundwork being put in on the complex models and circumstances that surround it, and what it might mean as part of a bigger picture.

Its supporters see it as a way of bringing some order to a complex system; of ensuring that things actually do move more quickly by introducing an element of regulation. That it will actually bring some accountability and ensure things don’t run recklessly out of control.

Its detractors see it as a cynical front for raising cash for the government.

Oh, and the other one is a speed camera… :-)

What I’m saying, of course, is: we don’t really have much evidence as yet – perhaps it would be good to tease some out before taking a strong position either way?

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  1. No evidence but a few signposts I think

    Some thoughts of mine and others here http://knowwhereconsulting.co.uk/we-shall-have-a-pdc/

  2. Javier Ruiz says:

    Your are right, that’s why at Open Rights Group we have requested a neutral briefing with ministers before we can take a position.

    According to previous discussions:

    “Public Data Corporation – plans are currently under consideration for a Public
    Data Corporation. The plans are very much under development. The
    primary driver is to open as much data for free re-use as possible. Cabinet
    Office is keen to consult widely on the plans, and intend to draw together a
    large group of stakeholders”


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