Event Photographer of the Year 2016

Quite a night, tonight…

I was asked to be one of the judges last year, so obviously didn’t enter, and I’d done fairly well in it the year before, so I was keen to come back in to this year’s Event Photographer of the Year awards with something aimed at most of the eight categories.

It was a surprise and a delight to be shortlisted a couple of weeks ago in four categories: Corporate Events, Private Events, Experiential & Trade Shows, and Weddings.

That would have been enough, in all seriousness – the quality this year was really high across all the categories.

So I was pretty gobsmacked to get Runner Up in two of them:

Corporate events, with “Mozfest”


and Weddings, with “Oyster Moment”

Oyster moment

…and then to be Winner in Private Events, with “Leadenhall Dancing”.

Leadenhall dancing

So, so pleased. Glad I have the support of a fantastic team, and thank you Tracy for coming to support and get a picture of me looking a bit chuffed, with that picture.

Paul award

The ones that got away – the shortlisted “Dick & Dom”…

Dick & Dom

and in case anyone’s curious, a few of the others that didn’t make it to the finals.


Cheshire cat

Chewing the Fat

Fascist killer




Swing ride

Thank you. Now, back to work.

(Clicking on these pictures should open them up in a lightbox–you can then use arrow keys to jump between them.)