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Star client of the month is the wonderful Learning Pool. I’ve been shooting at their events for a while now, building up a vivid record of their learning events and vibrant community.

A lot of the time, I shoot events so that images can be used on websites, shared with attendees or to furnish glossy brochures with something a bit more interesting than pie charts or posed pictures of the Chairman.

As well as all that (though I don’t see them as glossy brochure types, to be honest – they’re more about doing than talking) the Poolies do something else that really gets the most out of their pictures.

This post might well encourage other clients to do something along similar lines, you never know.

The minute you walk into a Learning Pool event you are struck by one big visual impression. People. No bland seven-foot sponsorship displays with a neutral background and a logo. Just dozens of faces. Of action, of laughter, of collaborative working.

On posters, banners and a big pop-up display – people. Their designer (another Paul) has worked wonders in taking a huge variety of expressions and compositions and building seriously stunning materials with them.

It makes a hell of an impact as the backdrop to an event. It also does a tremendous amount to reinforce the message that this organisation is serious about people, showing real evidence of a thriving, working network and community.

(Clicking on these pictures should open them up in a lightbox–you can then use arrow keys to jump between them.)
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