Phone vs DSLR

This will be a very boring post if you’re looking for a nice variety of photos. But if you’re interested in one particular question, hopefully not so much.

Taking the piss

You might have seen this photo* today. Beautiful, isn’t it? Everything you wanted to see confirmed about our patriotic football boys on the march. Illiterate, and incontinent! In one picture! Unbelievable.

Behind the Supermoon

I had some interesting reactions to the photo I posted of April’s Supermoon. To my mind, it was interesting, but not really in the same class as the press images you see with the moon rising over famous landscapes. But…

The eyes have it

With a new parliament sitting, and big changes in its membership, it was clear that a new set of MP portraits was going to be needed.

Boiling down the stock

I’ve just written up my annual notes of the photos that meant most to me from my personal and professional work this year. Some people write weeknotes, can you believe?!

Rights and wrongs

Two stories caught my attention yesterday – both involving knotty issues that pop up when people take photos of people.

Lucky light

When I’m on an event photography job, I’m always watching what’s around me, especially in the gaps in the action after I’ve completed the coverage of a particular session.