Photography Tuition

You have a good camera, probably an SLR. And you want to get more from it. Or you take lots of photos, but know they could improve.

Whatever your level, nothing beats in-depth training with someone who’s passionate about images and learning.

I run four courses: from the basics of how a camera works and what makes a good image, through to advanced editing.

Photography Basics

Composition: what’s involved in framing an image? what makes some images really stand out? how do you create striking content from the most ordinary subject matter?

Light: learning to read the natural light around you; understanding basics of colour, tone, contrast and balance.

Basic camera controls: the settings you need to know about for every shot you take: what they mean, what they do, and how to control them.

Good habits: simple techniques to adopt that will set you off in the right direction as you work towards more advanced photography.

Mastering Your Camera

Exposure, lenses and length: more detail on when to set them, why to set them, and how to set them.

Short-cuts: getting your camera set up how you want it, without wasting your subject’s time or missing an opportunity.

Metering and focus settings: know how it all works, when to take manual control, and when to leave it alone.

Working with a flash: control, ambient light, direction and more.

Beyond basic exposure: low-light photography; exposure compensation; using a light meter; High Dynamic Range and more.

Street Photography (theory and practice)

Ethics: what, where, who – from legal rights of access to permissions and releases: the hard and soft issues to be aware of in this complex area.

Technical challenges: crowds, speed, lighting variation, compositions: practical tips on how to be prepared.

Field work: practical assignment in a street setting – putting tips to work in a real setting with close support, followed by image review back at base.


Tools: Using popular image editing programs to transform mundane images, rescue botched ones, and bring a professional edge to your work.

Technique: Building your own style – how good editing choices can complement your in-camera work to produce your own distinctive style.

The Photography Basics course, and/or a good grasp of composition theory, are useful preparation for this course.

Courses are taught flexibly: from two hours to a full day; and from one-to-one up to a maximum of three in a group. Location: Central London, or locally by arrangement.

To buy/book and for more information on pricing, timings and what you’ll need, call 07515 655932 or send an email to

What training clients say…

I started following Paul’s blog for some tips on how to improve. I’d recommend checking it out – I’m sure, like me, you’ll find his posts to be interesting and engaging, which is why I decided to contact Paul to book some tuition.

Paul was extremely helpful before, during and after the session: giving me advice on kit I was considering buying, tailoring the content and flow of the course to my needs and giving me some follow-up recommendations.

Through a conversation and quick review of some of my photos, Paul managed to gauge my level of skill and interests, and we kicked off from there. The session was a great mix of practical exercises covering camera set-up, composition, exposure and street photography, punctuated by time to review the photos I’d taken with advice on how I could improve.

It was a fun and informative two hours, which has given me the knowledge and skills to take my photography to the next level. I’d highly recommend a course with Paul and I’ll certainly be coming back for more in the future.

Tim H, Mastering your Camera

I booked Paul based on a recommendation. Knowing bits and pieces of basic photography but not enough to get my ‘frames’ looking creative and effective I was looking for guidance. I spent two hours with Paul where he took me through his Basic Photography session and this was an excellent basis. Beyond just aperture and shutter speed we covered so much more with detailed and bespoke teaching that would never be covered in a classroom/workshop set-up.

Paul was interesting, friendly and enthusiastic but most importantly very knowledgeable. I now feel more like a photographer who now needs to improve and practice rather than a woman with a camera. As well as comprehensive theory of how the camera works Paul took me out to take photos with him, gave me tips, taught me techniques and skills and by the end of the session there was a vast improvement in the shots I was taking.

Learning from Paul is a pleasure and I highly recommend him, I have already booked more sessions!

Sally W, Photography Basics Course

In two hours, I went from being scared to point my camera in someone’s face, to snapping away like it was nobody’s business. I started to become completely comfortable using my camera in crowds and it was so much fun. He pretty much let me get on with my own thing–finding my own subjects, playing with different light. Paul understands what level you’re at and he works with it. He’ll also explain how to improve your photography in a way that makes you remember (look for the light, always look for the light).

I didn’t go back to work after our session like I was meant to, I stayed out to play with my camera for another hour, totally inspired.

Sian M, Street Photography Course

I just got my first digital SLR, and as a Christmas present to myself, I booked onto Paul’s fantastic “Mastering your Camera” course.

What a fantastic 2 hours! Just myself and one other person being taught the ins and outs of our cameras so you get real hands-on help, assignments and tutoring from Paul. I learned so much in those two hours and have been practising what I learn every day since. It’s already made a difference in my photographs.

I cannot recommend this course highly enough. I’m already planning to book another course in the very near future!

Ann K, Mastering your Camera