The way we’re using images has changed. They’re not hidden away in books and magazines any more. They’re online, they’re shared, and they have to be ready fast. Paul Clarke’s award-winning team are some of the very few leading event photographers specialising in the art of “real-time” image creation. People can see your events while they’re still happening, wherever they are: speakers captured in amazing clarity, to be viewed and shared while they’re still speaking.

Think of the speed with which people share images using their phones. Then multiply that with the quality you get from a professional photographer using the best equipment. Shooting over 300 events a year, Paul and his team deliver what you need, faster than you thought possible. Every time.

Paul has been working with images since 1991. As an accomplished editor and retoucher, working with publications from the London Evening Standard to the Economist, Paul developed an eye for creating memorable images. As a photographer, his work has been exhibited and published internationally. Clients include event managers, PR agencies, government, charities and the third sector, international corporates of all sizes, and celebrities.

In October 2013, Professional Photographer magazine listed Paul as one of their “Top 100 Photography Heroes” along with Rankin, Leibovitz and many of the best known names in the industry. In April 2014 Paul won the Professional category of the Event Photography Awards 2014. He was invited back in 2015 to be a judge of the Awards. In 2016 he won the Private Events category, and was overall runner-up for Event Photographer of the Year. Paul is a technical contributor to Digital Photographer magazine.

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