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What do I actually do?

I work where government bumps into technology, people, organisations and behaviours.

I like to create and explore new concepts, and to share some of my experiences of the complexity of public services. I’ve worked in many of the central government departments, and in a few other places, and have a particular passion for the knotty challenges of collaborating or changing things on a large scale.

I’ve sometimes been spotted trying to demonstrate original thinking and innovation within the public sector, digital services and social media worlds. This sort of thing. And a quick idea one morning that helped spur the topic of “UK snow” on to be the eighth biggest topic on Twitter, globally, in 2009.

I also put in one of the winning ideas to the government’s “Show Us A Better Way” competition for innovative uses of public information.

Tim Berners-Lee said some nice things about me here (about 1′), and Tom Watson (former Cabinet Office minister for digital stuff) did here (about 32′). All a bit by chance, but hey you have to take these things when they pop up…

By way of general background, I’m a former “Big 4” consultant, with experience of many large-scale, complex and sensitive programmes. I began my public sector career in local government as a senior manager with strategy and technology responsibilities.

Since 2007 I’ve operated as an independent consultant, manager, coach and strategist. I was educated as an engineer and economist (with specialisms including information management and organisational behaviour). I also work pro bono in the charitable, voluntary, educational and social media sectors.

I also work professionally as a photographer. My photography site is here. You can also find much of my work on Flickr here.

There’s a full biography on LinkedIn.

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Kitchen fox

Garden fox

Garden fox

Greenwich 21 Jan

Greenwich 21 Jan

Greenwich 21 Jan





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