Looking back at 2017 – part two

[You can find part one here if you missed it]

Into August. One of the grooms is a gymnast and dancer – and if he was going to spend a day being shy and retiring, this wasn’t that day. (And who knew they did Loubs for men?)

2017 was the year the boys discovered BB guns. But then I noticed how brightly the sun was shining on the water balloons they’d lined up to fire at. Then it was all fast shutters, and playing with food colouring, and and and. A great day.

This is why they call it the Golden Hour. Catching late summer sunlight on the City at just the right moment.

August Bank Holiday was all about Bath – a great friend took me to (in order) the house of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie, a village fete, and then the hill that he lovingly cares for overlooking a beautiful chunk of Somerset. More from that day here.

Back to the central London street photography assignment, and a shop sign duly complied with.

The absolute delight of a small boy as he works with me to make a picture that will make his mother very, very happy indeed.

One of the UK’s most talented and loved actors – we go back a long way, and spent the day by the sea catching up on old memories and looking for strength and darkness…

…in something of a contrast to the lightness and fluffiness of my friend’s Pomeranian.

Learning to look closely at the small things has been a lesson for me over the years. When I saw this spider outside the window getting very busy, I grabbed a camera.

Back to my friends at Dare Conf for a quick visit in October: seeing Jonathan at the heart of this “Facilitation” image was very moving.

More about this one here – but certainly one of my favourite double portraits.

Into November, and left alone in a very special place – with Evensong incense still hanging in the air – I made the most of it.

Again, a “while I was up there” moment – from high in the Shard, dozens of evening office dramas laid out before me.

Another Palace, another silhouette. Perhaps it’s his mother’s face for stamps that suggested this one to me?

There’s something about the moment before a speaker takes the stage – I’ve collected a lot of them over the years. Softer lighting, complete composure, maybe just a hint of nerves. Suki’s a great technologist and mentor, and spends a lot of her time inspiring others.

November was busy for weddings, and memorable moments. Whether it was the happy accident of catching Tracy’s flash (along with the other light I’d stuck half way up the barn wall) or improvisation in a wet Stoke Newington street.

A December assignment to track a business consulting project doesn’t sound like it’s going to provide much rich material, but the design of the – yes – Design Museum offered lots of opportunities.

And finally…is it a geek funeral? A perverted ceremony in an old chapel? Or an innovative sex toy project? Honestly, the places I find myself. (Wouldn’t have it any other way.)

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